High quality compression molding

O-rings and rubber

Viesse was born in the 70’s as a company specialized in production and supply of seals and technical rubber items of high and medium sizes for small and medium quantities. The market evolution and the acquisition of high profile skills brought us to focus on the manufacturing of high quality O-rings, developing high performance compounds and one set compression molding in order to ensure the highest leak tightness and solidity of the final product.

Viesse offers a service conducted to excellence, which want to satisfy every customer request ,taking aim at the O-Rings development, seals and all kind of rubber items accurate to measurement, with the highest efficiency standards used in numberless industrial sectors in Italy and abroad. The experience taken in almost half century of activity allowed us to create hundreds of moulds ,which reaches thousands of cavities, in property at the disposal of the purchaser..

We are an industrial force
in handcrafted O-rings


Viesse handles the production of O-Rings, rubber seals and mould parts in high quality rubber with an accurate raw material selection, high speciali...

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Viesse has the ISO 9001 certification for production process, individual compression molding, possibility of development with special compou...

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We are in Via Soldini, 24 in Adrara San Martino in the province of Bergamo. Contact us for simple information or to request a detailed budget...

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